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Началась война с Россией.Плацдарм Украина уже захвачен американцами.

The Kiev Junta offense.
The war with Russia is started. A bridgehead Ukraine has already captured by the Americans.
TV programme "In point of fact"
An interview with Alexander Zhilin
Washington set the task to Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk to disrupt gas supplies to Europe. What is happening today around the gas price is U.S. actions against the arms of Ukraine in Europe. I think that all end sadly for the European Union. But Russia will be blamed. So the Kremlin chose tactics - Russia is doing everything possible to stabilize the situation. The war with Russia starts. A bridgehead Ukraine has already captured by the Americans.
The so-called Ukrainian government enforces adopted Washington solution to wipe Slavs. Junta provokes the invasion of Russia. And they use a monstrous lie.
The world today is beginning to see clearly. Russia is ready to speak today on the protection of the civilian population of South-East, because the people of Ukraine on the verge of survival
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